Volvo Bumpers

Premium quality stainless steel bumpers for classic cars

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Classic Car Parts

All of our classic car bumpers are manufactured to exacting specifications in high grade stainless steel. They are polished to a superb chrome like finish to compliment your car perfectly, will never rust & with care will last for the lifetime of your classic car.

Volvo Bumpers

Volvo Amazon (Euro model)

Volvo Amazon - Euro Model Bumpers


Volvo Amazon - Euro Model Bumpers


Full set price: €985.00 Euros including international shipping

Check with us for part set prices.

Your order may be subject to local import duties on delivery, please check if in doubt.

If you would like to order bumpers as per the photos above, simply email us with the model / year of your car, name, address, telephone number & your preferred payment method - Paypal or bank transfer - we will then send you the appropriate pro-forma invoice. Delivery will be approx 3 - 5 weeks from the time of payment.

Before ordering please check carefully that the above style of bumper is correct for your car. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.